Saturday, June 25, 2016

Lindy's June Color Challenge

Hello everyone,

This is my first attempt at participating in a craft blog contest.  This is for Lindy's Stamp Gang June color challenge.  Please find the link here, Color Challenge

I used more than 2 of the products that was required for the challenge.  I used Pink Ladies Pink, T-Bird Turquoise, and Summer Lovin Sun sprays and the Bonjour Butter embossing powder.

Please see the steps below:

Triangle Baby Theme Mixed Media Wall Art
Step 1: I took several pieces of pattern cardstocks in pink, yellow and blue colors.  I tore up many pieces.  I used mod podge and collaged the pieces of cardstock all over the triangle box.
Step 2: Next I took some stencils (stars, squares, circles, rectangles) and added designs all over the box using modeling paste. 
Step 3: I started to determine where I wanted to add all my embellishments.  I used a bunch of different items.  The theme I was going for was baby and shapes.  Most of the embellishments were shapes such as triangle, square and circle die cuts.  I also have buttons, wooden circles, square chipboard pieces, metal square embellishments, etc.  I glued everything in place with quickgrip and e6000 glue.
Step 4: Once everything was dry I sprayed with Lindy’s sprays (pink ladies pink, t-bird turquoise, and summer lovin sun).

Step 5: There were four embellishments I kept to the side.  I took a pink pacifier die cut and colored using grape fizz perfect pearls. The duck safety pin I embossed with lindys bonjour butter embossing powder.  I took a paintbrush and added some t-bird turquoise lindys sprays to help the embellishment blend with the rest of the design.  I took a baby word die-cut and sprayed with t-bird turquoise and pink ladies pink lindys sprays.  Once dry I covered the entire die-cut with rock candy distress crackle paint.  The foot I sprayed with t-bird turquoise lindys sprays and stenciled stars on it with ocean reef blue Delta acrylic paint.